Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Nano Lifted on Binance Giveaway


FOMO Moments

As we end the week crypto markets are still looking bullish and most coins are on the way up. Total market capitalization is now over $450 billion and Bitcoin has made more gains overnight. Currently trading at $9,600 BTC is up 3.8% on the day and is approaching key resistance near the $10k level. Altcoins are a mixed bunch during Asian trading, some are performing well while others have retracted a little from weekly highs. The coin out in front at the moment is Nano.

According to Coinmarketcap Nano is trading 21% higher on the day. It is the only altcoin in the top 25 with double digit gains at the moment. Currently trading at $10.2 Nano has made gains from $8.45 where it was this time yesterday. Over the week this altcoin has made gains of 40% from $7.28 this time last Friday. Nano has been a solid performer over the past month almost doubling in price from $5.2 this time last month. Against Bitcoin Nano has made a 16% gain on the day to 105500 satoshis from 91000 sats this time yesterday. Weekly gains on BTC have been an impressive 33% from 79000 satoshis this time last week.

The rebranded RaiBlocks has had a rough ride with the BitGrail saga but seems to have shaken off any doubts and has recovered well. A Binance giveaway of 15,000 tokens has boosted Nano over the past 24 hours and prizes for Nano traders on the exchange have been an incentive to load up;

#NANO Competition – 15,000 $NANO To Giveaway

— Binance (@binance) May 3, 2018

Unsurprisingly Binance leads the way with Nano trade taking almost 95% of the total volume. That trade volume has jumped from around $24 million to over $125 million in 24 hours and continues to climb at the time of writing. Nano has found its way back into the top 25 and currently sits at 23rd with a $1.35 billion market cap.

Total crypto market capitalization has climbed again today by 2.7% to $452 billion. Trade volume has also climbed from $23 billion this time yesterday to $31 billion at the moment. Other altcoins with strong gains during the morning’s Asian trading session include Ethereum, Iota, and Bytecoin.

More on Nano can be found here:

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